Inflight luggage - Size does matter! And so does weight!



We at travelite are often contacted by travellers from all over, regarding information on inflight luggage allowances. Now, answering this question is actually quite complex, as the luggage in question has to be
checked according to three criteria:


In order to avoid stress before boarding, namely already during safety screening, don't forget that, besides the usual restrictions concerning weapons, etc., tough legislation on the transport of liquids has been implemented a while ago. These days, only a limited volume of liquids (incl. cremes, gels, pastes, etc.) may be taken on board in your inflight luggage. Each liquid container may only have a maximum capacity of 100ml and all containers together must fit in a transparent, reclosable bag of maximum one litre capacity. Exempt are only vital medications and infant food. If in doubt, pls. contact your airline directly.


The max. dimensions recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) are 56cm (length) by 45cm (width) by 25cm (depth). However, you should not rely on this recommendation, as most airlines have initiated their own system. Lufthansa, Germanwings and RyanAir for example are restricting to 55cm (length) by 40cm (width) by 20cm (depth). So please consult your airline's helpline or website prior to your flight to check for your applicable limits.


Another factor that hasn't been standardized between airlines is the max. allowed weight of inflight luggage. Max. weight allowed ranges from five to twelve Kg, depending on the airline. Here, we also recommend to check with your airline's helpline or website, before you travel, what the guidelines for your flight are.

"Rest assured" with travelite

Besides a wide selection of duffles and backpacks, travelite offers a distinct selection of inflight-sized luggage, the use of which will not cause any problems, no matter which airline you are flying with.

With these boardtrolleys you can rest assured and travel without worry. Just make sure to check your airline regarding weight restrictions for your inflight luggage. Don't overpack! We wish you a safe journey!


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